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Human Performance Technology

What is Human Performance Technology? We align to the definition provided by James A Pershing in The Handbook of Human Performance Technology: Human Performance Technology is the study and ethical practice of improving productivity in organisations by designing and developing effective interventions that are results-oriented, comprehensive and systematic.

Our team are specialists in Human Performance Technology, the Future of Work, Transformation, Organisational Development, Psychometric Assessments and Position Benchmarking. Over the past 40 years, we’ve formed long-lasting relationships with our clients by partnering with them to analyse their business, provide meaningful insights, improve performance and support their people. We are confident that we can design a human-centred solution that brings the results you are looking for to your business, customers and employees.

We operate across all industries, and typically have two client types:

  • General Managers or Business Leaders, who are in medium to corporate-sized businesses (typically in Human Resources, Strategy and Transformation), who want to improve organisational dynamics, identify growth opportunities or tackle big people issues.
  • Business Consultants and Coaches, who are working externally to a corporation as a supplier and partner.

We have multiple operating models to support different client groups and their needs. In 2020, we decided to transition to a fully remote model of working. This has motivated us to improve our virtual collaboration and bring those insights to our clients. We operate across Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about our services listed below.

Future of Work

The events of 2020 propelled the future of work forward with remote working, automation and wide-scale organisational change dominating the business landscape.

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Organisational Development

Business transformation is an integral part of growth and survival. Even disruptors need to pivot at times to retain market share and credibility with investors.

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Psychometric Assessments

A valid, reliable and unbiased set of assessments provides an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of a person during selection, development and management.

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Your program was very comprehensive! A good balance between knowledge and application. Included awesome resources. Very motivational and enjoyable. Thank you.
Miriam B.
Learning & Development Manager, HCF

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