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In Our Psychometric Assessments

Accreditation Across the Layers of Human Performance

Human Performance Technology by DTS is proud to be the largest provider of TTI Success Insights assessment tools in Australia and New Zealand.


We’ve been in business for over 40 years and a leading provider of psychometric assessments for more than 30 of those years.

We regularly serve clients who are not accredited, and in these instances, we ensure that the assessments are administered and debriefed by accredited professionals. Where we have clients who wish to use assessments independently in their organisation (i.e. without our consulting services), we provide them with accreditation through our partner, TTI Success Insights Australia and New Zealand.

Below is an introduction to the three levels of accreditation.

Science of Self™ - Level 1 (exploring DISC, Driving Forces and Emotional Quotient)

  • Hosted monthly and is 100% virtual, which gives you lots of options for dates and at no travel/accommodation costs.
  • Includes three components: pre-learning videos (theoretical), the facilitator-led virtual training session (practical) and post-learning videos (putting it all together).
  • Results in your accreditation in 3 unique models, which enables you to access 6 different assessments.
  • Includes your free personalised multi-science report, called the TriMetrix EQ, as well as free access to Facilitators Heaven for 1 year with over 600 activities and PowerPoint slides. Plus much more!

Download the course outline to learn more. To remain informed of all monthly accreditation dates and to be first to hear about discounts, sign up to our newsletter.

Here are the top 15 reasons to attend the Science of Self™ Level 1 Accreditation

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Science of Self™ - Level 2 (exploring the DNA of Performance)

Level 1 accreditation is a pre-requisite to proceed to The DNA of Performance. Through this course, each participant is accredited in the DNA 25 assessment. The DNA 25 profile measures an individual’s level of development in 25 business-related competencies (or non-technical skills). The profile is so named because these 25 competencies are the foundational building blocks - the DNA - of performance.

The DNA 25 report provides a platform to:

  • Discuss what helps people achieve results in their personal and professional lives,
  • Identify skills or abilities that lead to superior performance,
  • Understand that our competencies are not “fixed,” but with effort and support, they can be developed.
  • Create tailored plans to develop the competencies that will have the most impact on performance.

This course if hosted a few times a year based on participant numbers. Please contact our office for dates and additional information.

Science of Self™ - Level 3 (exploring the Acumen Capacity Index)

Level 1 accreditation and extensive experience with psychometric assessments (or psychology or neuropsychology), are pre-requisites to proceed to the Acumen Capacity Index (ACI) accreditation. From this course, each participant is accredited in the ACI assessment, which profiles an in-depth understanding of your cognitive structure (i.e. your thought process), which is the link to developing personal potential and performance.

In the context of the ACI assessment, a person’s acumen is their depth of perception or discernment. The stronger a person’s acumen, the greater the ability to make distinctions in how they view themselves and the world around them. The ACI assesses a person’s clarity and focus in these three distinct dimensions of thought:

  • Systemic - Definitions, structure and order.
  • Extrinsic - Comparisons, practicality and usefulness.
  • Intrinsic - Feelings, emotions and individuality.

This course if hosted a few times a year based on participant numbers. Please contact our office for dates and additional information.

The course was extremely comprehensive and includes fantastic resources. It was practical and supportive. The facilitator is brilliant. Can't wait to put what I've learned into practice. Thank you.
Victoria S.
Arnold Bloch Leibler

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