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Human Performance Technology by DTS

We answer questions like, “How do I design my workforce so it thrives in the future?” or “What am I missing in my business that would trigger growth, improve experience or give us insight into our potential?” We tackle big people issues, and after 40 years in business, we’ve created real change for our customers.

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Future of Work

Strategic workforce planning, remote work and artificial intelligence

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Organisational Development

Business culture, growth, organisational redesign and transformation

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Psychometric Assessments

Measurement and development across the layers of human performance

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E-Book, Podcast & Video

How can we navigate some of the uncertainty around new working models so that we effectively transition into the future of work?

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Why Work With Us

We form long-lasting relationships with our clients by partnering with them to analyse their business, provide meaningful insights, improve performance and support their people. We are thought-leaders in our fields and openly share information and ideas to support businesses.



We connect the dots across the big picture of your business and turn those insights into actions.

We start with a 42-question pulse check for the executive team. Then we run a full diagnostic across the organisation and its people.

Growth & Performance


We audit your business culture and provide options to trigger growth and performance.

Together, we move to the realisation of what the organisation was designed to achieve through its purpose, vision, strategy and people.



We design for people to create a holistic view of customer and employee experience.

Our tools provide a comprehensive picture of your people. This is a big ‘unlock’ for organisations that want to transition to new ways of working.

Are You Solving the Right Problem?

We take a rigorous approach to defining the problem we’re attempting to solve with you. Too often a business can miss an opportunity or waste valuable resources to pursue an initiative that isn’t aligned to their strategy, customers or employees. These types of projects are often labeled as “innovative transformation” when, in fact, they may be doomed to fail because they lack a thorough understanding of the problem and a human-centred solution.

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Knowledge Centre

Our knowledge centre holds over 400 articles shared through the Science of Self™ newsletter. The topics are relevant to the fields of talent management, human resources, organisational development and business growth.

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Built to Last

Our history is defined by our ability to reinvent, grow and transform with our customers, the market and our purpose. In 1981, our business was founded by Doug Malouf, and it specialised in sales training. From the start, we were focused on people as well as business growth and performance. Our business expanded into recruitment and talent management, where we leveraged deep insights from the Science of Self™ to support strategic workforce planning. In 2020, we re-branded to set the tone for our next horizon and area of focus: the future of work. Human Performance Technology by DTS retains its rich history while also following our own advice to ‘walk the walk’ with new ways of working.

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